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Is architecture for you?

Is architecture for you?

I had difficulty deciding whether I would study interior design or architecture. My goal was to work at an architecture + interior design firm so I wasn’t sure which qualification would stand in better stature.

There is no doubt that the world of design & architecture often collides or are even inseparable from each other. They are both based on an understanding of space, dimensions and structures. To work in either field you will need to have an interest and understanding in universal design and a deep knowledge of materials & finishes, as well as having a thorough understanding on basic construction management.

The difference is that architects require a more in depth understanding into architectural structures and actual mathematical building components than interior designers do. An architect will be able to discuss the structural & technical elements of their project so work with engineers and builders.

My advice is that when you are trying to pick which direction to go, think about which subjects you enjoyed at school as a lot of these will reappear as core subjects in your degree. The general rule is that: Architecture involves more structural knowledge – it is heavily mathematic and physic based, while interior design involves a lot more space planning and design work.

For me the choice to study architecture was because I saw that it would give me the grounding to be more ‘hands on’ within a project. My degree has taught me a lot about construction management, sustainability, history and art – and I believe that the course taught me to not only concern myself with the exterior and interior of a building, but that building’s place in it’s environment.

Architecture is an extraordinary thing – it can improve people’s lives. Every society needs it, and we even measure our civilizations by it!

And so while I couldn’t recommend a Bachelor in Architecture more, do beware that it will probably combine inspiration, perspiration, frustration, and elation in equal amounts.

If you have a restless nature, worry about the city and sustainability, are obsessed with beauty in all things, need to draw to finish your sentences effectively – architecture is for you.


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