Cash Chronicles: 26, $85,000 & getting on top of debt

“McDonalds on the way home”

Cash Chronicles: 21, $650 a week, new to being single & new to a share house

Get home at 11am after getting dropped home by the guy I am seeing. Do I text him, add him on instagram? What’s the next step?

Cash Chronicles: 21, $660 a week, 2 jobs (1 that’s paid)

Normally, a mug shot would be a turn-off, as I try to make flirting with felons a rarity, but this guy gives me Saturday nights off when I need them and he has a car.

Cash Chronicles: 25, $56000, entering the world of dating apps

When we meet for the first time, I shouldn’t be curious as to whether he’s worn the same clothes everyday for the past three years

Inside pyramid schemes: How are people are still falling victim?

Amway is cultish, sells its subpar products at inflated prices, has hidden costs and inflates expected income for distributors. Scam? Technically no but really yes.

Cash Chronicles: 23, $900-1200 a week, trying to make friends in a new city

And listen to me now people: friend dating is hard.

Cash Chronicles: 25, $52,000, How much do you spend in transit to Tulum?

The aim is to encourage people to start talking about their money in real life. What you…

Cash Chronicles: 26, $70,000, toxic relationships or too needy?

…. Super weird and left of field, but I always judge people’s relationships in Cash Chronicles (even though they are about money). Can you please publish this (change my name) so I can hear people’s opinion on my relationship?…

Cash Chronicles: 26, $65,000, late night eating habits

While I grabbing $23.50 worth of Thai takeaway for dinner on a Wednesday night at 8pm, as normal people with normal eating habits do, I decided to start Cash Chronicles…

Cash Chronicles: 25 years old, No longer dating artists

The aim is to encourage people to start talking about their money in real life. What you…

Cash Chronicles: 22 years old, Maddie, receptionist, chasing the med school dream

I like him, but his head looks like a dinosaur egg.

Cash Chronicles: Rhys, part-time boyfriend, full-time online shopper

I have been trying to nail my text banter game. I am doing well, but it’s exhausting.

Cash Chronicles: 25 years old, Anna, All my friends have boyfriends

Nothing makes me feel more single than when I run into someone I haven’t seen in a while and they ask about a guy I dated over a months ago and I have no clue who the hell they’re talking about.

Cash Chronicles: 25 years old, Project Manager, 4 meals a day

The morning after a hook up is always a weird thing…

Cash Chronicles: 24 years old, Broadcast media, Social media war

I don’t know why guys tend to think that FB profile pictures are a free for all…

Cash Chronicles: 25 years old, Recently Single & Over Spending

Looking at the first 13 – 15 photos of myself as I serve as a human shield to my crush while he tries to socialise with anyone but me is horrifying.