Cash Chronicles: Emma, 25, $80,000, Food poisoning

The aim is to encourage people to start talking about their money in real life. What you…

Cash Chronicles: 27, Online dating, new to mortgage life

First mistake: A default pic of a shadow. It’s like chatting with a chalk outline on the sidewalk. Is he not aware that he can upload a picture? Is he too gnarly to show his face? Then the worst of the worst: Cartooners. If I am scrolling through and see a rendering of himself as a tiny cartoon, I take pause. Why did he do that?

Cash Chronicles: 23 years old, $47,000, Waiting over a week for a first date
This series allows us to think about money without all the stresses of confronting our own finances.…
Inside pyramid schemes: How are people are still falling victim?

Amway is cultish, sells its subpar products at inflated prices, has hidden costs and inflates expected income for distributors. Scam? Technically no but really yes.

Cash Chronicles: 28 years old, Carpenter, Sydney

Finish work at 3:30pm and head to the pub with some mates…plan on just having a couple turns into $550

Cash Chronicles: 24 years old, Banker, Male

A carton of milk has gone off in my fridge in the time it’s taken her to pull the first-date trigger…

Cash Chronicles: 23 years old, Arts student, Sydney

“Hit the back of the car in front while texting”

Cash Chronicles: 18 years old, Theatre Student, #selflove

“I wouldn’t even pay my own Mum’s ransom if it was $60. Though, in this case it was awkward to refuse, so I paid.”

Cash Chronicles: 23 years old, “french fries and a bed of lies”

I thought this would be fun, but I feel like a bad person.

Cash Chronicles: 26 years old, a weekend away and free ubers

It’s a stupid idea, but I’m trying this new thing with my boyfriend where I just let him make the mistakes and then realise that I’m smarter than him later.

Cash Chronicles: 24 years old, spent $321 on a date & furious

Note: When you meet a guy that is using only 1 of the 8 buttons on his shirt. Chances are, he is bad news.

Cash Chronicles: 22 years old, actively dating and living in a share house

“Today is ‘date day’ 1, of the 2 I have this week. I am running late, about to order an UBER when I see a cab. More expensive… but what can you do: $27”

Cash Chronicles: 24 years old, living in Sydney while trying life as a freelancer

It’s my friend’s birthday, so we decide to go to a bar that I can not afford food at.

Cash Chronicles: 26 years old, lost my keys and broke my washing machine

How did she spend $654.50 in a week?

Cash Chronicles: 23 years old, battling between staying at “his house” & “mine”

What I have learnt is that during any prolonged hook-up there is a passive aggressive battle for housing dominance.

Cash Chronicles: 24 years old, Sydney, “I spent $310 on lunch”

Feels: OMG… $$**234qer!!!

Cash Chronicles: 23 year old finance graduate, 58k salary, Sydney

This makes me so sad. And no, I’m not talking about the ‘Deliveroo waiting time is 45 minutes and I am struggling with the most anxiety filled hangover ever’ sadness. I am talking about real sadness.