Finishing school and starting out in the ‘real world’, everyone was always like, “What are you going to do with your life?” And you’re like, “I’ll be in a corner office by 30 and own a house by 25.” And they’re like, “Hahaha, ok”. We thought we’d have that corner office too, but soon realised it doesn’t always work out like that.

The Footnotes exists because let’s face it:

  • No one ever really knows what they want to do right away.
  • It can be both a bore and stressful task to work out.
  • And you think, “it’ll all just work out” anyway…

But, that last one is a myth almost as big as Tinder promoting, “finding love”.

Between us all at FN HQ…we’ve studied, we’ve interned, we’ve travelled, saved, spent, worked, quit, been hired, fired and everything in between… And after all of this, what we now know is that, in those years that you spend “just letting life work itself out” you could be missing out on the bigger, better pathways that were right in front of you – had you have taken the time to look.

There was a time when we would check the Daily Mail before checking our emails in the morning. Then TMZ, then tabloids, then any other meme that popped up in our feeds. Then we realised, caring about everyone else’s lives doesn’t help our own.

If you want to be someone. Be something. Be successful. Be happy. Be the best version of you… Then you need to start working out what YOU want to do, what YOU want to be, and how other people have DONE JUST THAT before you.
Want to start life administration now?

Knowing where to start is the hardest bit, so just start on the homepage and get scrolling.

Even inbox us a question and we’ll do the leg work for you to find the answer.

And if you have something to contribute, some advice to share…we’d love to publish it.

Bon appetit.
The Footnotes x

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