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9 questions you’ve wanted to ask a wedding photographer

How many weddings have you shot?

I’d say approximately 200 weddings.

Do you ever doubt the compatibility of a couple after spending the day with them?

Often, I see a lot of people that you can tell are rushing into marriage, or feel as though they should get married as they are settled. I am with the bride and groom the entire day and you can tell the couples that are infatuated with each other and the ones that are…. well settled. I’ve had a few couples not last a whole year of marriage. I’ve also definitely shot some grooms that im sure are gay.

Though, divorce statistics are improving.

Do brides get drunk at their wedding?

Maybe 20% of the brides I’ve shot have got drunk. I’ve heard stories of brides throwing up at their wedding reception… but all I’ve witnessed is lots of spilled red wine.

Have you ever lost someone’s photos?

I haven’t lost any photos, though one of my assistants lost their whole set of photos from a wedding they shot with me after they fell off a jetty into a lake. It was brutally hard to break the news to the client.

Why do you love what you do?

I love the spontaneity and unknown, to meet new people, be challenged, explore new places and contribute to/photograph people’s happiest moments.

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What’s hard about it?

I work for myself. So the self motivation to get work finished is often hard. Taking the photos on the day is only a quarter of the job, the editing process is huge. I guess also the stress on the day can get to you – there is a lot of pressure to get a wedding ‘right’.

What’s the biggest wedding ‘fail’ you’ve witnessed?

We were taking photos on a golf course and had buggys to take us back to reception. The bride was sitting on the edge of the buggy and when it took off her dress got caught in the back wheel – and basically got torn in half.

Have you ever picked up at a wedding?

Yes, twice.

How do people get into the industry?

Firstly, learn photography, and this doesn’t necessarily mean ‘go to a university and study it’, I didn’t.  Find yourself a mentor and surround yourself with people that are better at photography than you. A good way to start is by assisting photographers on shoots. Then build a portfolio on social media. 
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