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9 people tell us why they regret their degree choice in 1 sentence

Not every friendship is destined to last a lifetime. They end. Sometimes abruptly. Badly. Inevitably. Sometimes we regret them. Degrees are like friendships. So we asked the question, “why do you regret your degree?” and here’s what you told us:


“Psychology. It’s a seven-year commitment. I lasted three and now work in human resources.” – Taylor, 30

“Ivy College. I could have done the course for a fraction of the price at TAFE. And, I think they might have actually shut down.” – Erin, 21

“It’s not that I regret my Undergraduate degree… It’s that I wish I had of studied in one specific area. My undergrad is a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Nutrition, Exercise Science & Biochemistry.

Basically made me unemployable because I didn’t have enough exposure to specifics, unless I wanted to work in a gym.”  – James, 24

“Entertainment and Arts Management at AIM. I work in the industry now, and my Diploma played no part in landing a role. It’s all about connections and relationships. I think you should study after school though, shoulda/coulda/woulda done Business at a university.” – Oliver, 24

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“I did a Bachelor of Archaeological Practice. Do you need me to tell you why I regret it?” – Jenna, 24

“I did a double degree in Commerce and Arts. Commerce was more challenging and so I never gave my Arts subjects that much attention. It was more of a ‘P’s will make degrees’ attitude. I will never have the opportunity to study Politics or Spanish again, so in retrospect so I wish I tried a little more and not undervalued the worth of those skills. – Katie, 28

“I did Civil Engineering and haven’t found a graduate job yet. It’s just temporary market conditions and I don’t regret the degree at all. What I do regret is that I didn’t do enough to make myself stand out during my degree because I had the idea from previous graduates that it was easy to find work. – Tonya, 22

“Cert IV in Interior Decoration – I spent close to $1000 on a folio presentation.” Juana, 31

“International studies at USYD. Interesting, but you’ll need to do a Postgraduate.” – Elyse 23

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