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9 hours of drama school

9 hours of drama school

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Name: Clare Taylor

Currently studying: Theatre full time at VCA

8:40 Arrive at school.

See all the bloody beautiful, creative souls I work with. There are 20 in my course.


9:00 Training.

This is an hour-long workout that depends on the trainer we have- sometimes they work you so hard you want to spew out the Nutella from this morning, sometimes they make you stand still and think about your sins for 47 minutes. Today is a mix of cardio, stretching and tai chi.


10:00-11:00 Stage Combat.

While using a basis of tai chi to centre ourselves and find connection with our fight partner, today we focused on contact hits. These are hits where you make contact with your partner, but you find their strongest areas to hit and learn the correct amount of pressure to make a loud noise on contact without hurting them.


11:00-12:00 Poetry.

We comb through a piece of text from Macbeth, identifying the stressed and unstressed syllables in the iambic pentameter to get a sense of rhythm. We find the images in the text, make sure we know what each word means, and speak it. In this class I either feel divinely inspired or like I’m toddler building a sand castle that, really, is just a lump of sand. Thought what I was making was okay till I showed it to someone and they say, “WOW! That’s, uh…Great try!”

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12:00-1:00 Dialect.

Using the phonetic alphabet, native recordings and a dialect coach we studied an General Indian English accent- this isn’t so a bunch of the white drama kids can go play Indian characters, it’s just to get our heads around non-western mouth placements and the process of learning a new dialects in general.


2:00-6:00 Acting and Performance.

Basically, we spent 4 hours being arty wankers. We have an epic guest director who takes us for this class at the moment. We’re working on scenes from an Australian play called ‘The Call’ by Patricia Cornelius. We unpack the themes, ideas and playwright’s intention. We do exercises for releasing muscular tension and focusing on breath to authentically connect to our surroundings, imagination and scene partner. We do stream of consciousness writing in our character’s voice.

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