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52 “What course should I do?” questions answered

Worst decision I made ATAR day? Not reconsidering my course / thinking about it more. I saw the mark (rank** shut up, shut up) and thought, “sweet, I am into my course. Happy days”. Looking back I think, “If only I’d known.” So in the spirit of retrospect and star signs, here’s some advice to listen to.

Q: You didn’t get into medicine, should do you do medical science?

A: Four students weigh in on a med science degree (3 are trying to get into medicine)

A: A story of transferring into Medicine at UNSW from someone who didn’t get the marks straight out. 

A: How long is the road to becoming a doctor 

Q: Should you do medical science anyway?

A: Four students weigh in (2 regret it, 1 loves it)

Q: What are the for and against arguments for psychology?

A: Student story: Psychology at Macquarie University was not the 3 year degree I thought it would be 

A: What do you actually study in psychology?

A: A psychology student, nursing student and social work student talk about the pros and cons of their degree 

A: Here’s what you actually learn in psychology

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Q: What is the difference between criminal and forensic psychology?

A: The differences explained

Q: Do you need to study fashion, if so where?

A: 3 designers and a fashion PR executive share their advice

Q: Should I study fashion at UTS?
Q: Do you need to study fashion business?
Q: My parents are not supportive of my choice to pursue fashion, what do I tell them?
Q: How do I get into magazines?
Q: A vast majority of the advice online about law is negative and warn students not to pursue it. But, nearly everyone I know that is intelligent is pursuing a law degree. If it’s such a risky profession, why are so many gravitating towards it still?
A: Is law worth it anymore? (3 lawyers share their opinion)
Q: What kind of law specialities are there?
Q: Should I make my law degree a double?
Q: I want a career in media – maybe journalism, which is the best university?
A: CSU is regarded as the ‘breeding ground’ for media up and comers. So read, Why does it seem like everyone from media went to CSU?, What is a career in advertising really like?, What is it like going to CSU?
Q: What careers are there in media?
Q: What’s a Bachelor of Journalism at UTS like?
Q: Is an Arts degree a load of BS?
Q: Should I do an Arts degree?
Q: How do I get into politics?
Q: Where should I study nutrition, and what jobs are available?
A: Student story: My opinion on whether you need to actually study nutrition
Q: I want to be a PT. What options are there  / what is it like?
Q: What is it like studying Vet at CSU?
Q: What is a career as a vet nurse really like?
Q: Where should I study Agriculture and business?
Q: I want to study Environmental biology. Where’s best?
Q: What’s Biotechnology, really?
Q: How do I become a marine biologist?
Q: I like science. What are the options?
Q: Whats a degree in counter terrorism about?
Q: Is a degree in counter terrorism worth it?
Q: How do I get a job as a spy?
This list is being continually updated. But in the mean time, if your question has not being answered, head to the home page and click on the ‘careers’ tab for hundreds of articles like these.
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