8 things that no one tells you about attending a rural university

Are you considering studying at Bathurst? … If not, maybe you should.

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1. There is no such thing as clean eating and you will live on a diet of McDonalds, frozen pizzas and Mi-gorengs; and you will love it.

I won’t lie, thanks to Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ it has been hard to leave the image of my chubby, double chin rocking 20-year-old self behind.

I can safely say, my Bathurst days certainly weren’t the height of my health and fitness peak and I have a solid 4 years of eating McDonalds wraps and frozen pizzas to thank for that. No regrets though!


2. Your Mum’s linen cupboard will be the same size as your first year dorm room

First year rooms in on campus accommodation are notoriously small. But there’s room for a bed, your computer and your tunes – not to mention 13 of your closest friends on any given night!

Despite the lack of space it was the homiest and happiest place to spend my entire first year. And the good news is the longer you stay the bigger the room!


3. There is no such thing as a “quiet night in”

There really isn’t… from the 3am unannounced drop ins and knocks on your door from your mates looking to chat, kick ons in a room the size of a shoebox and lots of parties and concerts and nights out on campus, you will literally be longing for some Netflix time on the couch or a big sleep in at home during holidays.


4. You will get used to seeing half the University crammed into the library until 1am

You can always tell when exams are coming up or a bulk of assignments are due, as you see half the uni, including people who you weren’t even sure still went to uni, crawl out of the woodwork and into the nearest mac at the library.

The stress levels, red frogs, coke cans and pressure is at an all-time high but luckily no one was organised enough to have thought ahead so you are definitely not in it alone!


5. A 3-hour drive will soon feel like a 20 minute one

“Oh god you drive all the way to uni 3 hours away?!” Says any adult over the age of 40. Yes, you do and you wouldn’t have it any other way. The memories of the road trips up to Bathurst to get to uni at the start of session or after a weekend back home are almost as good as the ones you have when you get there, especially when the almost always comprise of pit stops that you just ‘had’ to take to Lithgow McDonalds… now you can understand why the phrase “clean eating” is pretty much a Greek myth in Bathurst.


6. Your friends will secretly enjoy being “forced’’ to visit you.

Despite loving Bathurst and all that comes with it, sometimes you just want to share these unique moments with your oldest friends. When your Sheaf-loving snapchatting Sydney friends make the drive up for a night out or two in B-town, you’ll truly appreciate the fact that you really have the best of both worlds.


7. Your professor and lecturers will actually know your name and who you are

You probably won’t appreciate this one until your final year when you realise you need to do some work in order to graduate!

Your professors will be your biggest supporters, mentors and confidants in your last year as they work with you to finish off your degree with a personal guidance that’s hard to find at a big Sydney campus.


8. Connections, Connections, Connections

At the end of the day besides having a greater appreciation for the “country lyfe” you will realise just how valuable all those years of group assignments and partnerships were for your career. The connections you make with your uni peers will last a lifetime, as you will run into a countless number of them in the workforce and beyond.

Before you know it you will be swapping dinners of frozen pizza for long “work” lunches at glamorous locations and marvel at the fact that both of you have more than $50 to your name per week!


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8 things that no one tells you about attending a rural university
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