Young duo taking gap year have no idea how weight piled on

“It’s a mystery”

The Footnotes have gained exclusive access to two young woman by the names of Caitlin (18) and Veronica (18) who have scientists and nutritionists stumped by their weight gain on gap year.

Veronica told us about her conundrum while setting up an afternoon tea of Jatz and Cheese from her London flat– “I came over to the UK for a gap year,”

“All my friends were doing it and I was so exhausted from Year 12.” However, after residing in her Clapham share accommodation only a few short months, Veronica and her roommate Caitlin started noticing changes to their body.

“I’ve been doing less and eating more. I don’t understand where it’s all come from,” Caitlin adds. “I eat what I want, when I want and visit Pret A Manger at least thrice a day. I think I’ve got IBS or something. My stomach is like, always big.”

Despite an intentional increase in exercise – “I’m drunk dancing my way through the D-floor twice a week” Caitlin is still at a loss to explain her sudden paunch, “and on those nights I skip dinner and don’t eat till 2am in the morning on the way home.”

“I guess it’s a mystery”.

(Image supplied by the duo on their recent trip to Portugal)

Young duo taking gap year have no idea how weight piled on
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