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Year 12 textiles major work deemed “inappropriate” by sicko teacher

“He obviously has a sick mind.”

JESSICA Brinkley (not her real name), 17, is threatening legal action against her textile teacher who has recommended that she rethink the central design of her major work; an environmentally sustainable children’s clothing line. Jessica has worked tirelessly over the past 12 months collecting inspiration from Pinterest and Tumblr and sticking it into a folio book.

After months of planning and conceptualising, and one week of tedious sewing, Jessica tells The Footnotes, “It’s just too late in the game to start again. The concept behind the design is that all children should feel safe, and I think my design portrays that.”

Visibly emotionally and physically wrecked, Jessica comments, “The fact that my teacher thinks it is inappropriate just shows what a sicko he is, his mind is like, obviously majorly deranged.

“He laughed and said it, ‘it looks more like a safety peen than a safety pin’, like, what the fuck?!”

The principal of the prestigious Catholic commented, “It is all a misunderstanding. As a Catholic girl, Jessica has obviously had no introduction to the male sex, and doesn’t recognise that the, ah, safety pin symbol could replicate another thing too. People need to remember, Catholic girls are innocent girls.”

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Year 12 textiles major work deemed “inappropriate” by sicko teacher
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