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What’s the difference between a degree from a college and a degree from a university?

What’s all the fuss about?

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Probably the biggest question you have is, what is the difference between a degree from a college and a degree from a university?

Easy, nothing.

A Bachelor degree from Macleay College is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework in the same way a Bachelor’s degree from a university is.

But, you ask, how can I complete the same degree at Macleay College in two years, when at university I am looking at three?

Ah, another easy one. The school year for Macleay College is divided into three, 12 week parts meaning that you can fit in 12 units of study each year.

A handy Footnote* You will study four units of a degree in every study block. So, since universities only have two blocks, they only complete eight a year.

And let us settle your queries about payments, before you even ask.

Universities use the Australian Government HELP student loan program, Private Colleges use the Australian Government FEE-HELP student loan program – it’s essentially the same thing just a different name!

So now that we have compared the pair, let’s talk about the differences.

  1. Macleay College is acclaimed in the media industry for producing job ready graduates. … why is this just a meda industry focus?

For hungry graduates today, work experience and hands-on industry exposure is the only way to even get your foot in the door. But when your sights are set on the best jobs in the industry – think Nova96.9, Network 9, Saatchi & Saatchi agency – it can be difficult to know just how to land an internship. With the best connections around and a passion for making students job ready, Macleay students are renown to be the best interns in the industry.

What’s more, they love supporting industry experience so much that classes are held over 3 days each week, leaving you up to 2 spare days to study or work.

  1. You’ll be noticed

Macleay College pride themselves on having a maximum of 25 students in a class. As a side note, universities can have anywhere up to 200!

The argument for working in a smaller team is an easy one;

  • not only will your lecturers know your name,
  • you’ll be engaged in your learning,
  • never afraid to ask a question, and
  • never just a number.
  1. Macleay is a community

So much of your tertiary study experience will take place outside your immediate classes, and the Macleay campuses offers the perfect community vibe to see you succeed.

Not only is the Sydney campus located smack-bang middle of the world (2 minutes from Central in the bustling heart of Surry Hills), and the Melbourne campus is too (200m from Flinders Street station in the CBD) . Plus, Macleay has on site media facilities that see students staying on campus well beyond their classes to work and socialise…. Again not sure about the ‘media’ focus

  1. Finally, your lecturers are industry professionals

The media industry is changing rapidly and the practices of today couldn’t be more different to 10 – even 5 – years ago. Macleay teachers are living-breathing-industry-professionals themselves, which means they aren’t teaching you out of date content. If irrelevant text book learning isn’t for you, than Macleay is.

So before you worry whether Macleay College is the same as a university, you need to start thinking about why it is different. Because, that’s the most important part.

If MarketingPRAdvertising & MediaDigital MediaJournalismEvents or Business is calling, find the right career at Macleay College.

Or, if you aren’t sure which, play our career match game to get yourself on the right path, today.

What’s the difference between a degree from a college and a degree from a university?
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