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There is reason for this website

Why does this page exist?

In high school everyone always asks, “What are you going to do next year? Do you have any idea what marks you’ll get?” And with all confidence you reply, “I’ll be in a corner office by 30 and own a house by 25.”

We’re like, “Hahahahaha, OK”.

Meet ‘we’ aka: Sarah and Sam (that’s me!), the founders of this very page.

We launched The Footnotes because let’s face it:

  1. You don’t really know what you want to do when you finish school
  2. It’s a bore of a task to work it out
  3. And you think, “Maybe it’ll all just work out anyway?”.

But that’s a myth almost as big as Tinder promoting ‘finding love’.

Why do we even care?

Since high school we’ve studied, we’ve interned, we’ve travelled, saved, spent, worked, quit, been hired… And after that bloody long journey what we know is that:

In those years spent ‘just letting life work itself out’ you could be missing out on the bigger, better pathways that were right in front of you had you have taken the time to look.

There was a time when I would check the Daily Mail before I checked my email in the morning. Then TMZ, then tabloids like The Mirror and The Sun, then any other meme that popped up in my feed.

Then I realised, caring about everyone else’s lives doesn’t help mine.

If you want to be someone. Be something. Be successful. Be happy. Be the best version of you… Then you need to start working out what YOU want to do, what YOU want to be, and how other people have DONE JUST THAT before you.

Want to start life admin now?

If you don’t know where to start… complete our quick three minute quiz and we’ll tell you.

Or, just start scrolling. You’ll find something helpful we promise.

READ: Who are we and what we do
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