Survey reveals that weight Loss becomes the number 1 career for D grade celebrities

Being famous for losing or gaining weight is an acceptable substitute for a career in the arts or entertainment industry, extensive studies have revealed.
The research conducted by a University sociology lecturer exposed a record number of reality television and Australian day-time stars who have found a second chance at a career in the lime-light following their weight loss success.
Head lecturer, Mr Jonathon Perkins (MD A.B.t) comments, “When we were looking for patterns in the type of ‘celebrity’ that you could expect to sell a weight related ‘exclusive’ we noted two findings. One, that these people had not appeared in the media for at least 12 months prior to the story. And two, that the articles consistently begin with lines similar to, “you might remember x from…” as if implying that the reader would NOT remember them. Ironic, considering they are referenced as celebrities.”
Yet, an interview with a 2014 Big Brother Top 5 contestant confirms that the old saying, there is no such thing as bad PR rings true. “When I stepped out the BB [Big Brother] house I had 50,000 followers, I was on top of the world. But when my notoriety began to diminish, and the ‘follows’ started to slow, dangerously rapid weight gain seemed like the natural step for me.
“Selling photos of me eating pizza in a mis-fitting bikini went against every instinct in my D-list body, but it worked. I was across headlines left, right and center in a week.
I have even been offered a small publicity deal with these amphetamine-based diet pills bought from a company in China. I’ll sell the whole exclusive. It’ll be great.”
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Survey reveals that weight Loss becomes the number 1 career for D grade celebrities
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