News has reached The Footnotes office regarding the supposed anonymity of student numbers.

Students from a number of schooling institutions across the country have filed a class action suit against their education providers stating “bloody obvious” bias as the cause.

 “She [the student’s teacher] gave me 3 out of 20 for the final essay! It’s a rort. She obviously knew it was me – she’s had it out for me. I re wrote the essay my tutor wrote for me verbatim and received nothing but red marks,”states one student who wishes to remain anonymous.

“He said I didn’t answer the question. That’s crazy ‘cause I literally wrote exactly what he said in class. I tried so hard memorising the essay my tutor wrote too, and I pretty much word-vomited it out perfectly. You can’t tell me that’s incorrect.”

Finally, in an effort to test the system, one student, who also wishes to remain anonymous. Has said, “Even though he wrote in orange pen, I could clearly make out my name, Henry. How would he know that was my name just from my handwriting? And I mean, what does ‘Discovery’ mean anyway? It’s stupid.”


Underachieving student sure her teachers looks up student numbers before they commence marking
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