Thinking about leaving? Read the signs.

If this article brings up feelings of sadness, enlightenment, or a burning sense of familiarity, it’s time to get out before you burn out.

1. You’re bored of your work

Are you spending your days aimlessly scrolling through social media, waiting for 5pm to tick around, or factoring in your four week notice period into project timelines so you can avoid certain jobs and milestones? Well, Big Brother says it’s time to go. Think about your skills and how you could use them in another role that will stop you watching the clock.

2. You don’t just hate Mondays

Is any excuse really a good excuse? Do you celebrate Mad Mondays, Treat Yo’Self Tuesdays, Hump Day, Thirsty Thursday and TGIF all just a little too much? While it’s true that many people experience a Sunday 8pm comedown and aren’t thrilled about having to leave the weekend behind, you shouldn’t feel that way every damn day of the week. Starting the weekend countdown on Sunday nights is not the way it’s supposed to be.

3. You’re not growing or being challenged

Has your work become mundane and simple? When you’re able to do your job in your sleep, it means you’ve outgrown your current position. So unless data entry is your passion, and there’s no opportunity to grow internally, perhaps it’s time to dust off the old CV and look around at some other opportunities out there.

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4. Your promotion came, minus the pay rise.

If you’ve got more responsibility and work, yet the same malnourished I’m-here-for-the-opportunity salary, then this could be a bad sign. While there are sometimes good reasons for this, and you sometimes can’t expect to be paid for all role growth (it usually happens as you become a bigger asset to your company), you need to gauge the difference between being taken advantage of vs. the development of new skills. You work hard for the money, so does your boss need an economics lesson?

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5. Your ideas are ignored

Do you feel like your opinions don’t matter? Constantly being interrupted or your agenda dismissed? Working with a team or under management that don’t listen to your ideas can be very frustrating. While it is so important to remember that you do not know everything, and maybe you are wrong, if you believe you’re inventing the next internet, it’s worth looking around for a place that appreciates and supports your ideas.

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6.  The company is in crisis

Have clients left, lots of closed-door meetings, or are your projects “postponed”? These can be the first signs for trouble. If your company is struggling, and you think you’re in the firing line, move quickly. While there is a lot to be said for loyalty and sticking by your bosses in their time of need- if firing you is a good business decision, they’ll do it. When you are young there is no need to go down with the company, so man up and make your own ‘business decision’.

7. You don’t fit in anymore

We have all been there, when your 55 year old boss with a pin striped suit starts handing out leis and coronas in the office on a Friday with the faint sound of waves in the background for end of week drinks. Feel like this company is just WAY too crazy for you to keep up!? The importance of work culture is often underestimated, so if you feel that you, or your company have changed and you no longer fit in, this is a perfectly legitimate reason to start thinking about moving on.

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8. You got another offer

When you’re at a certain level of your career you will have a very particular set of skills, skills you have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make you a dream for companies and recruiters to employ you. So if a job comes through that excites you, maybe even pays more money, and seems like it will help you advance in your career, make the move! Taking on a new challenge may just be exactly what you need. Stick to your gut and go where the reward is, be it more moolah, something different or more challenging.

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9. You’re reading this article

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