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Sydney University “appalled” as students misuse new multi-million dollar library

We’ll let these photos speak for themselves

The University of Sydney, in an effort to revamp its image and stay true to supposed motto, ‘We’ve been challenging traditions for more than 160 years’, have recently shelled out a hefty AF sum on a new library. Revolutionary.

These improved faculties have been well received, particularly by University of Sydney students who, by and large, have been using the library’s state-of-the-art setup to nap.

“Lecture seats are so uncomfortable,” one student tells us. “The library’s ergonomic chairs and temperature control are much better. I’ve been using the new Macs to stream a relaxing Spotify playlist too. There’s nothing worse than loosing your seat when you get up for a break, so you may as well just sleep while you’re there”.

Library staff are equally thrilled with the development as their lifetime wish for peace and quiet has been realised. “They’re finally quiet,” they explain. “We’ve been shushing for years now and can finally get it a rest.”

When asked to comment, university officials could only shake their heads. “We may as well have put bean bags in the corner. But we had to do something. Macquarie have got a library robot for crying out loud”.

The Footnotes photographers have documented this development below.

Apparently this position was comfortable enough to sleep in for 40 minutes.

These young students were found using a group work space effectively.

While it is reported that Sydney University were not able to provide inbuilt bunk beds, students seem to have improvised.

Despite multiple viewpoints, we were unable to determine what was been hidden inside this golden foil tent.

Below is the perfect example of computer space well used for two hours.

The above speaks for itself.

More on this story as it develops.

Sydney University “appalled” as students misuse new multi-million dollar library
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