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Student devastated after making an embarrassing trials mistake

“I spent the first two pages talking about how much Asian children love to study.”

Jessica BYRNE JONES made the horrifying discovery that the term euthanasia does not refer to ‘Youth In Asia’ only minutes after leaving her Studies of Religion exam.

Jessica says of the mistake, “See, in all the readings I did before the exam, I kept seeing quotes from this guy called Dr. Garkhing. How passionate he was about Youth in Asia, how much he wanted it to be legalised. That kind of thing.

“And I kept thinking… what is he like a paedophile or something?! What is he doing with all these youths, in Asia?

“But then it hit me. It all made sense. My teachers said Youth in Asia was a touchy subject and that it was ok to be upset about it and everything – so I kind of pieced together that it’d be about the sex trade in Asia.

“I guess I am kind of embarrassed for my teacher to read it now.” 

The Footnotes contacted the Catholic school in question, whose spokesperson commented, “We have no comments about paedophilia.”

Student devastated after making an embarrassing trials mistake
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