Student Confessions: Summer hook-up regrets

“We flirted all day, but it was so awkward with all of our friends there and everyone gee-ing it up and making stupid comments.”

Welcome to Student Confessions.

This is a series that will talk about sex, relationships (sexual and the friend kind), fear of failure, self esteem and feelings of social anxiety.

At The Footnotes, we try to have the hard conversations that we believe young people are thinking but might be too afraid to talk about.  That fear is rooted in shame and we’re trying to defeat some of the shame in this series, Student Confessions.

Max, 17

I was drunk at my friend’s house. There were about 20 people there and I met a girl there. I was too embarrassed to kiss her in front of my friends so we decided to take a walk up the road.

We were making out a lot and I started to slide my hand up her skirt. I felt really nervous but was thinking, “shit I just need to do this.”

It was all really awkward and we held hand while we walked back. I DM’d her on Instagram a few times since but haven’t seen her.

Jess, 18

My boyfriend and I decided to get a hotel room for our Christmas present to each other. It was awkward because we had to lie to our parents about what we gave each other. We don’t have any privacy to be together unless our parents are out, or like, if we are at a friend’s house or something – so we thought it’d be nice.

I felt really embarrassed checking in. Like the hotel staff knew exactly what we were there for, which made me feel kind of embarrassed.

Tom, 16

I invited a girl over to my house to watch a movie. My parents were in the kitchen and we were in the TV room. We decided to watch Game of Thrones, which obviously has a few sex scenes and it make us both kind of awkward. 
Even though it was Summer and there was no need for a blanket, we had one over us and I tried to put my hand on her leg to make a move. It was all pretty orchestrated and awkward.

I slid my hands down there and the first thing I realised was how wet the whole area actually was. At first, it was a little off-putting.

Hayley, 14

There is this guy that I liked and I told my friend that I wanted something to happen with him. We all went to the beach one day in the holidays. We flirted all day, but it was so awkward with all of our friends there and everyone gee-ing it up and making stupid comments.

We were all going back to my friends place after and I pretty much knew that it was going to happen. Like that we would hook up. But we still didn’t really walk back together, I was with the girls and he was with the boys. When I got there we were so shy around each other and I felt so uncomfortable.

I went inside to get a drink and he followed me in and we kissed for a bit, but didn’t really talk at all.

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Student Confessions: Summer hook-up regrets
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