Why does it seem like everyone in media went to CSU?

Because they did

I didn’t go to Charles Sturt University (CSU). But 90 per cent of my office did. Welcome to the Australian media industry! Or as I call it: the CSU reunion.

My job.

I work at Sky News. Day-to-day I prepare stories to be broadcast on TV and online. My job means that I am refreshing Twitter, live feeds and competing news sites constantly, getting in contact with industry professionals for comments on world events or news developments, and producing engaging content.

I love, love, love my job. It’s still hard to believe that I am curating the content that is shared with millions of people.

How do you get in?

The media industry in Australia is really competitive. There are thousands of new graduates every year that want to be the next magazine editor, newsreader, reporter, journalist – the next Sam Armytage! But the ones that get their foot in the door are usually those with industry connections or industry experience.

That’s where the CSU connection comes in.

My boss (a CSU alumni and senior team member here at Sky) was looking through grad resumes the other day and specifically noted those that went to CSU. Why? She said, “I know that they have practical experience.”

“Lots of grads are applying with an internship listed – that’s the norm now. But I don’t really know what they did there. If they went to CSU, I know that they’ve learnt relevant skills.”

My whole team agreed. Each of them has a story about how they started their career in the industry and each ties back to CSU. Whether it was an assignment that was marked by someone in the industry, or a course that was actually taught by an industry senior, or a job interview conducted by an ex CSU student… I call them the mafia. They look after each other.

I told my work team I was writing this story, and my word did they all have something to say about why they chose CSU:

“I decided I wanted to go into advertising in Year 12 and spoke to someone I knew. They said – if you’re serious about media, go to CSU – so I did.

“I knew that if you wanted to get a job after uni, you go to CSU because you’ll leave with a job, or a number to call about a job, or an agency to apply at. Everyone says that you finish ahead of the rest – and it’s true.”

“Hiring someone from CSU just means they’ll have it together – it’s good to have on your resume.”

The general consensus was that they just ‘knew’ to go there. A friend of a friend – a parent – a neighbour – someone had told them to go, and they now couldn’t recommend it more.

No one told me about CSU, but if I did it all again I’d go there in heartbeat. So here’s the advice I never received:

If you are serious about media, go to CSU.

It’s the breeding ground for Australia’s rising media stars.

 Do you want to find out more about studying Media and Advertising at CSU? Find it here

Why does it seem like everyone in media went to CSU?
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