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Research shows that people who offer to read aloud in class, are losers

Detailed research has revealed that those students who volunteer to read aloud in class from slides or the textbook, are more often than not, socially annoying. 

Interestingly, they also share a tendency to interrupt the teacher and proclaim their opinion despite a teacher’s decades of area-specific study, or too, remind the teacher of class pop quizzes. 

Morgan (16) commented, “I just don’t know why do they even bother putting their hands up in class when they are going to interject anyway?”

The Footnotes sat in on five classes at Morgan’s school over the course of this investigation only to discover that 100 per cent of her classes were being interrupted by the “volunteer reader” present in each case. The student would begin with a long drawn-out, “Actually,” before referencing some notes from a previous class and suggesting a in class exam.

When the teacher of the class asked for student reader volunteers she looked visibly  panicked  when she could see that ‘that one student’ had volunteered yet again.

“If I have to listen to her read a whole page one more time I’m going to have to drop out of the subject,” Morgan adds. “I don’t even care if I need to pick up Studies of Religion. At least I know everyone else in the class are drop kicks and there will be no interruptions or voluntary readers. Half the class probably can’t read.”

Research shows that people who offer to read aloud in class, are losers
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