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Prestigious university graduate affirms, “Ps get degrees, but it’s Dad who gets you the job”

After receiving nothing but 50s through university, underachiever James was forced to ask his father to line up a job for him at PwC.

After graduating from an elite secondary school with an ATAR result of 96, James Kennedy couldn’t wait to begin his studies of a Bachelor of Commerce at the prestigious University of Sydney.

Claiming he “came for the university’s reputation, but made [his] own”, James assures us he “was fast to make a name in class and at Pauls” [his on campus residence].

Speaking of his University experience he explains, “I don’t know whether you’ve seen this meme that is a triangle with the words gradessleep and social life written on each apex? [pictured below]. Anyway, you can only pick two of them, right? And so when I saw it the first time I laughed so hard, because it’s just so true.

My advice? Ps get degrees, but you can’t get those student Wednesdays back.”

Two months after this interview James’ ’rounded’ University experience took a turn for the worse when he graduated and found himself in the face of competitive graduate role applications (commonly requiring a minimum of 60).

James contacted The Footnotes to share his experience, in the hope that it would act as a warning for others, “I wish I knew that you needed to do well at university to get a job after. I naively thought that I’d be a shoe in. I mean, I went to Sydney University.”

Putting on a brave face in the sticky situation James explains his current prospects, “Dad plays golf with some guys at Deloitte and Macquarie – and actually, his best man is a Senior Partner at PwC, too. So the only option I really have now is getting him to give them a call. I couldn’t have done the graduate program anyway to be honest, we always go to Aspen in December – I’ll need a January start.

Anyway, I’m off track. The point is, you do need to try at university because things don’t always just ‘work out’, you know?”.

Our Footnote: If you don’t have a silver spoon in your mouth, use our Job Finder.

Prestigious university graduate affirms, “Ps get degrees, but it’s Dad who gets you the job”
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