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Guilt-ridden north shore private school girl: “I just hope people learn from my stupid mistakes”

A muck up day prank gone wrong 

North Shore Private School girl, Chloe Belemia (now 19) was banned from her school’s releasing of the dove ceremony for Year 12 graduates in late 2016 after rolling a toilet paper roll half way down a hallway.  Ms Belemia has agreed to speak out about her actions in a hope that “others can learn from [her] mistakes.” 

“I was told that there would be severe penalties for participating in muck up day shenanigans. But I didn’t listen. I went into the girl’s bathroom and took a roll of toilet paper. I rolled it part way down the hallway, maybe one or two metres

“The worst bit is that I knew it was wrong – like the whole time. I actually got a kick out of doing something so bad. Maybe I am psychopathic or a vandal or something.” 

Ms Belemia, while visibly pained by the event even today goes on to explain how she was caught, “Once the bell rang and students started leaving their morning classes, word spread like wildfire that there was a metre of toilet paper in the hall way. It was anarchy. I was so scared that I’d get caught that I walked straight to my teachers office and admitted. I cried  – she cried – it was horrible. I was just hoping that no parents needed to be involved.”

Sadly for Ms Belemia, her punishment was to sit out of the graduate celebrations including the final Eucharist, two Catholic liturgies and the symbolic releasing of the doves. Instead of attending these events, Ms Belemia was forced to stay home and go to the beach with her boyfriend, who was already on holidays. 

Ms Belemia wishes for her actions to stand as a warning for other Year 12s, “Don’t break the rules – you’ll end up losing in the end.”

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Guilt-ridden north shore private school girl: “I just hope people learn from my stupid mistakes”
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