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Girls that attend parties on Saturday nights, more likely to wear a scarf to school on a Monday 

“It doesn’t even matter if it is 30 degrees!”


The Footnotes have gained exclusive access to Roy Morgan behavioural data revealing that going to a party on a Saturday night makes a year 11 or 12 school girl 92% more likely to wear a scarf around their neck on Monday. 

Regardless of the weather or term uniform [summer or winter], the survey reveals that weekend party goers prefer to wear scarfs on Monday, more than any other day! Sometimes, they will continue to sport a scarf on Tuesday. Leading to the conclusion that scarf fashion must be a popular topic of conversation at Saturday night gatherings, or, that young girls are wearing scarfs for some other unknown purpose.   

The Footnotes spoke to Annabelle (Annie) Stevenson (17) as she was spotted walking from Chatswood station to the bus shelter* sporting a scarf in 25 degree heat on Monday afternoon. “Yeah, I’m freezing!” She explains.  

When asked why she wasn’t wearing a jumper or stockings – just a Summer dress, she explains, “I literally just get cold around my neck and I don’t want to glange [Glandular fever], it’s going around my school.” 

Her mother, Helen (51) commented, “Annie has a beautiful new boyfriend – Teddy. We don’t see much of Teddy during the week – Annie needs to concentrate on year 12. She wants to hang out with him after school but we keep telling her, ‘it’s just one year of your life, darling!’ 

“She sees him on Saturday nights mostly. She and her friends will go to a gathering to catch up. Though I must say, and I do hate to criticise other people’s parenting… BUT, if I had a gathering at my house I’d allow the kids to sit inside. The past four weeks she’s had to wear a scarf all Sunday to fight off a cold caused by sitting outside the night before.” 

* Annie was later seen in Priceline buying concealer for a bruise like mark on her neck, caused by falling onto a doorknob. 

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Girls that attend parties on Saturday nights, more likely to wear a scarf to school on a Monday 
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