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“I feel lied to,” Mother Googles the definition of ‘gathering’

“I thought – my God… it’s the Party Crashers!! I’d heard about these people on the news…  ”

Mrs Graham has contacted The Footnotes “outraged” as her 17-year-old daughter’s birthday gathering in Pennant Hills turned out to actually just be a party, overnight.

She recalls, “Ella told me she just wanted to have a gathering with her friends, instead of a party. She just wanted to order pizza – and all she bought was lemon squash and orange juice,” Ms Graham said.

“I thought to myself, ‘why not!?’ It’s not like it’s a party or anything'”…

What happens next is shocking. Mrs Graham was upstairs for the first three hours of the gathering and could not hear what was happening because of loud music. But, when she retuned downstairs she was shocked to discover that there were 50 – 60 people in her backyard. 

“I couldn’t believe it – it looked like a party to me. I thought – my God… it’s the party crashers!! 
“I hurried over to Ella to sort it out, and realised she was drunk. How she got drunk off orange juice and lemon squash is a mystery – I guess it was the excitement getting to her head. Anyway – so I said to her, ‘Ella, there are gate crashers here!,’ but turns out they were all invited…. 

“So I walked upstairs and googled (on my ipad) ‘What is a gathering’. And do you know what, it’s the same thing as a party. I am furious at her.”

Mrs Graham explains that Ella will not – under any circumstance – be attending any more parties or gatherings this term. However, she has been invited to a few “socials” – which she has been allowed to attend as they certainly aren’t parties OR gatherings. 

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“I feel lied to,” Mother Googles the definition of ‘gathering’
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