We chat to entrepreneur Ruby Davis from ChickDriven

Experience has taught me the most important thing is an open mind and to stay true to you. This will allow you to make mistakes and learn from them, while still remaining confident in yourself.

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Entrepreneur Ruby Davis launched  ChickDriven after noticing a need in the market for quality auto advice for females. Ruby is a former fashion designer and celebrity journalist. She founded the new enterprise in late 2015 on the back of an intimidating experience searching for the perfect car from pushy car salesmen, and aims to empower women navigating the car market.

Here, Ruby talks with us about her business, her advice for those wanting to follow her footstep, and she made it big in the US.

  1. Tell us a little bit about Chick Driven as a business.

ChickDriven was imagined and created by women for women. In harmony with the new age push to support women in society, ChickDriven aims to present a path to help our fellow females navigate everything that’s incorporated within the auto industry. We are motivated by empowering chicks to know what’s up when it comes to cars – and furthermore, to care.

Regardless of the personal level of involvement, we promote strength and courage, to not be intimidated by the “boys club” mentality. It’s now more important than ever that we inspire and motivate each other to hop into the driver’s seat, feel confident in making those decisions and never get taken for a ride again!

At ChickDriven, we fully believe and lead our daily lives excitedly to the mantra that knowledge is power. Our mission at ChickDriven is to share that knowledge, and that power, with you.

So here’s where we come in: as America’s primary car website for women, we gear all of our content completely 100% toward a previously neglected female audience. Leading the way with totally truthful, candid car reviews, we also lend advice from our own genuine experiences and struggles, while seeking mentorship of highly sought-after professionals for financing, insurance, and other helpful hints necessary to choose your ideal car, and keep it that way.

  1. I love that the concept came from a problem you personally experienced in the market, (a pushy salesman assuming you were oblivious to cars) – do you think all good business ideas come from personal experience?

I think to truly succeed in something you have to understand why you are doing it. I have always loved cars and have always been disappointed by the “boys club” mentality in the industry. I started ChickDriven to make a difference and to represent the females who want to learn about cars in their own way.

  1. How did you learn about branding, development, sales etc.? Did a mentor help you through?

I do not have a mentor. I just have an amazing group of friends who I can always rely on for advice and guidance. I am also a huge believer in trying everything. And making mistakes. I created ChickDriven because it was everything I was looking for when I was searching for a car to buy.

I could not think of anything worse than going from dealership to dealership on my weekends after working full time, so I created our car buying service where you type in what you are looking for and we find the car for you, without stepping foot in a dealership. I believe cars are a lifestyle, and I wanted our content to reflect that which is why we have articles on celebrities and their cars and even the best make up to take on your next road trip.

  1. What did you study, and would you recommend your course?

I completed a Diploma of Business Marketing. I had just finished school, had no idea what direction I wanted to go in and the career advisor recommended I attend Macleay College.


Macleay was the best thing for me! The full time nature of the course kept me busy and on a schedule. It taught me discipline and how to work in a business environment, instead a school environment. The assignments were practical which kept me interested as my attention span is very short and sitting in a class room listening someone to speak for hours on end is not my style of learning. After I completed the diploma in 1 year, I went into the workforce. Five years later I decided to further my studies and completed a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from Swinburne University.

This would not have been possible had I not attended Macleay College.

  1. Thinking back to when it all began, how can you possibly describe taking the plunge and starting your own business? Are there any times you can think of when you were over whelmed, or where something just didn’t work out?

I honestly woke up one day and the idea for ChickDriven was the first thing on my mind. I opened my computer, contacted a web designer and in 1 week ChickDriven was live. I have not stopped moving forward since. I don’t believe in over thinking things, I think the best thing you can do is just go for it. Sometimes in life, things don’t work out but that just means you have to move around that issue and figure it out another way to make it work for you, and your business.

  1. For young entrepreneurs, what advice would you give?

Have an open mind. Yes, you should have a plan to follow so you know the direction your business is going in but don’t let it limit you with tunnel vision.

  1. What is something that only experience can teach?

Experience has taught me the most important thing is an open mind and to stay true to you. This will allow you to make mistakes and learn from them, while still remaining confident in yourself.

  1. What is it like working in LA?

Working in LA is something I am so thankful for. Most people come to LA chasing a dream, so it is very creative and most people are working on their own projects. Because of that, people are positive and are always happy to help whenever they can.

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We chat to entrepreneur Ruby Davis from ChickDriven
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