How to build on online shop

She grew business turnover from 750 sales a week to a weekly trade of 12,000

This Wonder Woman grew her small business turnover from 750 sales a week to a weekly trade of 12,000.

Jaw-dropping right?

Let’s hear what she has to say about e-Commerce, how she knew it was the role for her:

Can you tell us a bit about your role as the marketing manager for a boutique online fashion store?

I work collaboratively with the Marketing Director to develop Marketing, PR and Social Media campaigns and strategies, as well as managing creative content plans and strategies. Our content plans and strategies are all devised in house over a morning coffee- and we are constantly inspired by what is happening around us. In the e-commerce world you constantly need to be looking to holes in the market. Focus on what your competitor are NOT doing, rather than trying to copy what they are doing well.

In the e-Commerce world, is the execution of marketing strategy different to that of brick and mortar retailers?

As a fashion brand we aim to work with targeted media and tier one & two bloggers to promote brands, designers and upcoming events. This is just as important for physical retailers as it for us though.

The whole social media phenomenon has meant that leveraging online and social platforms is now responsible for brand performance- so this is a huge part of my job. This does not mean that I am sitting on Instagram or Facebook all day- but I am liaising with external agencies regarding all PR activity and publicity for brands featured on the online shop, trying to get our product worn at events and featured in posts. You need to be confident to pick up the phone and call people. If I were deterred by every ‘no’ I received from industry personalities- I would have given up a long time ago.

These days our service online needs to be BETTER than that of a retail store. People love walking in and buying their clothes, having it wrapped in beautiful paper and walking out with instant gratification. As an online store you need to make sure that you are offering service as well as convenience- otherwise the ‘excitement’ of shopping is lost.  In saying this, alot of our retention strategy is based around packaging, ease of return and the online user path.

 What’s your favourite part of the job?

One of the favourite parts of my job is production management- this means that I help organise photo shoots, look at image editing and ensure that our products look great. For anyone looking to get into e-commerce, back end website skills and basic photoshop skills are really essential! Also, you need to know how to develop and implement SEO internally- we find that most people are still using Google to find sites even if they know the URL.

Is there anything about the e-Commerce fashion industry that you wish you knew?


  • Sometimes waiting for ‘perfection’ means you will miss your break in the market.
  • SEO is hard work, do not underestimate the time it will take.
How to build on online shop
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