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Student doesn’t take Maths in Year 12. Survives in ‘the real world’

“I’ve even scored a job.”

Jessica Hudson (18) from Sydney’s lower north shore is making headlines following successful entry to university despite not taking General or Advanced Mathematics in Year 12.

“I’ve even scored a part time job at Woolies,” she tells us. “I have a cousin in Glebe who didn’t take math and she got into Sydney Uni. She also has a killer nose piercing and managed to scrape together a pretty good job so I had a feeling it was doable”.

Her teachers, advocates for ‘The Real World’, have put Jess’ success down to pure luck. “We have it on good authority that not taking maths in your final years will impact your future success,” they report. “Sin, Cos and Tan are the essentials for triangle calculation and a happy future”.

There is, thankfully, one member of the public elated at the news of this break-though.

“I’m thrilled to bits I didn’t have to shell out fifty bucks for a calculator” Mrs. Hudson comments. “I’ll give the kids a treat and cook Jessie’s favourite meal tonight. She’s our rebel, but we love her”.

The Footnotes have reached out to NSW Board of Studies but they have declined to comment.

Student doesn’t take Maths in Year 12. Survives in ‘the real world’
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