Your awkward workplace stories shared for all

“Honestly, even typing this feels like I am running through a minefield.”


Sometimes part time jobs are great.

but 90% of the time they are just shocking.

SO, we’re going to play a game called How Awkward Can Workplaces Be. We asked for your part time work stories and this is what we got. 

My boss is fat. Very very very fat. I wouldn’t care, obviously, but we have to close together and it’s super awkward. We have to bring the outside tables inside together and even when I walk slow, very slow, I still burn his ass. I never know what to do when I am waiting next to a table that we need to carry in together while he catches up. I just kind of stand there waiting and pretending it’s not a big deal while he’s sweating bullets and wheezing after walking up like 30 stairs and 50m.

He gets super sweaty and needs a break, but like, I just want to go home already and it’s frustrating. He says things like, “It’s time and a half [pay] past 12pm,” to try alleviate the awkwardness. I laugh and say, “yeah that’s so good.”

He knows, I know, I know that he knows. It’s just an unspoken awkward.

My boss can’t use a computer.

When I told him that you can left click on an email and mark it  as unread he thought that I was a compete genius. Anyway. He’d have be go through his computer and delete unneeded files. He said he was worried he would end up deleting his ‘entire email system’.

I have seen some questionable things on his pc so I was always nervous when he was watching me go through it.  This one day he was sitting there chatting to me while I was deleting huge JPEG files from a recent construction site shoot and I see a picture file that is named differently to the others and my stomach drops when he asked me to open it and see if it needs to be deleted. I opened it and it was a picture of him in his underwear.

He tells me that he was joining a gym and they’d asked for a before photo and I agree and say that I’ve done the same thing before (obviously a lie).

He hasn’t asked me to clean his desktop since.

I was having a meeting with my boss and as I was leaving he followed me out. We both turned the corner and both laughed, acknowledging that we were  both going to the bathroom.  We walked into a bathroom together, and she kept talking as she walked into the stall. Then the explosive diarrhoea started.

I felt so sick that I thought I was going to vomit, or laugh, or both. She was obviously mortified. I went back to my desk and pretended I was on the phone when she walked past my cubical.

My manager is in my phone contacts next to my best friend and I accidentally texted my boss thinking it was best friend. It was nothing explicit or anything, but my friend was having a bad time so I sent her this:

“Hey, just an out of the blue message to tell you that I think you’re amazing, kind, strong and that you can do anything that you set your mind to.”

I didn’t connect the dots or realise that that I had sent that to my boss till two weeks later when I was trying to change shifts and say that it was the last message I had sent him.

My boss’s grandmother was in hospital and she was apologising for being late to work. She said,

“She’s is Dying”

But I heard it as “She Died”

So I say, “Oh I’m so sorry for your loss, I hope she went painlessly.”

To which she responded, “She’s not dead yet”

To which I tried to backtrack and say, “Oh, well hope she gets better”

My manager: “She won’t she’s dying”

Honestly, even typing this feels like I am running through a minefield.

I was setting up for an event and I accidentally farted into a microphone in front of the forty person event.

I was helping to set up the microphone for the speeches at this 40th and we were having issues with one of the speakers. I happened to squat down to try untangle the cords because sometimes that’s the problem, and then I did a small fart. Turned out that the speakers were working, and that it wasn’t a small quiet fart.

It echoed. This was not the kind of fart that could be mistaken for someone blowing a raspberry. The guy on stage died laughing and pointed at me. The woman on stage was so so so horrified that she walked off the stage and made a complaint to my manager.

I was training a new guy at work and we were getting on really well. Like, he was all about ragging on our lame supervisor and we had some good banter. Two shifts later he asks for my number and I give it to him because everyone at work texts each other all the time about shifts. We are texting after a shift about how irit our supervisor was, and decided to hang out, but I soon realised he was gay and that it was a date.

I’m super non-confrontational, so I was afraid of telling him too soon that I wasn’t gay and having him be all like “Woah asshole, we’re just hanging out”, so I let it get to the point where we were on his sofa at night watching a movie and he started tickling me. I set an alarm on my phone and pretended that I got a phone call and something came up and I had to leave.


Do you have an awkward part time work story? Tell us here: and let us publish it.

Your awkward workplace stories shared for all

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