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19 year old ex-vegan regrets her schoolies tattoo one year on

However, luckily she loves the name Megan

Cheryl Coates, who got a tattoo whilst at Schoolies in late 2016 to pledge her commitment to veganism, is no longer a vegan.

“I am not even sure why I chose a to ‘go vegan’ in the first place. I strongly oppose racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination based on class, sexual orientation, physical appearances or abilities – and I guess I felt like veganism was a natural extension of that.

Anyway, all I remember is that I was at schoolies drinking and I thought, why not.” She explains.

While Cheryl loved the tattoo for three to four months, she began eating meat and cheese in early March 2017.

“I was out drinking and my friend bought a pepperoni pizza. Honestly, I do believe in being vegan – but not in starving myself.

“So I was stuck with this tattoo with no meaning. It was horrible.” She explains.

In a stroke of luck, Cheryl met a girl called Megan only four weeks after deciding against veganism. “It hit me! – I decided to make her my best friend in the whole wide world – so that I could change the V into an M.”

On her friendship she explains, “I don’t like there THAT much, no. But I also really like cheese and chicken. So, I guess it’s Megan or veganism.”

Cheryl is booked in to the same studio on the Gold Coast in November this year to have the tattoo amended. She hasn’t told Megan about it yet though, “We’ve only known each other for about five months and I don’t want to come on too strong. It’ll be better if it’s a surprise.”


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19 year old ex-vegan regrets her schoolies tattoo one year on
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